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Bio-Fogging involves a  specially designed cleaning device is used to create a fine mist of disinfectant particles in a room. Fogging works by immobilizing bacteria, fungi and viruses both in the air and on surfaces, rendering them unable to replicate. Disinfecting the whole area including atmosphere, furnishings and surfaces, leaves a safe and decontaminated environment.

The cleaning process does not stop there. We recommend using craftex micro-kill as it continues to work for 7 days between cleans through technology known as RBT. When the cleaning solution dries a barrier is created. If subsequent germs are re-introduced to the surface Micro-Kill will reactivate and eradicate those germs and viruses immediately working between cleans.


Bio – fogging is a clean, fast way to sanitize your home or business including gyms, offices, schools and other work areas to reduce the risk of spreading flus & viruses and giving an overall clean and hygienic feel to the space. 

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